ABI Benefits for the Trade and Participants

ABI Benefits for the Trade

  • Expedited cargo release.
  • Electronic transmission, validation, confirmation, and correction for entry summaries.
  • Payment options such as daily statement and electronic payment through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).
  • Validated duties, taxes, and fees.
  • Interactive communication with Customs.
  • Courtesy notices of liquidation, extension, and suspension.
  • Consolidated reports under the National Importer Liquidation Program.
  • Error statistics available monthly.
  • Timely tariff updates.
  • Query capabilities.
  • Uniform entry summary processing.

ABI Participants Include

  • brokers
  • importers
  • carriers
  • port authorities
  • service centers
  • law firms
  • surety companies

Since its inception in 1984, ABI has seen remarkable growth. During fiscal year 1999 the number of participants reached 2,782; entries filed via ABI exceeded 98 percent; and the total number of ABI entries was 21.1 million.